All Locks Wear, but not all Locks Have to be Replaced:

A good thing to do for any lock, is to lubricate it.

Locking and latching, over and over, ​can wear on a lock and make it jam.

Even if you’ve got electronic access, the door locks ​and latches are still

mechanical and so should be lubricated. ​The best time to lubricate a lock is when it

doesn’t feel like it needs it. By the time a ​lock needs to be lubricated, the wear has

already occurred, so even if it works better, it ​ may not work much longer.

​If lubrication hasn't solved the problem or your locks are still acting up, or obviously ​

damaged, please give us a call and we’ll get things working smoothly


Commercial Lock Repair:


As good as it might feel to throw out a troublesome lock,

often times a lock can be repaired instead of replaced.

Also, especially in an office, maintaining a uniform, professional look

is important. Your silverware matches at home, your locks should

match at the office. It’s one of those small things that is largely

noticeable, but if we can repair one lock, then that will look better

than replacing just one and cost less than replacing many.

You might think you’re crafty because you can always get that old

door to work when it gives you trouble, but one day, that old door is

going to outsmart you or trap a customer.

 Call us to repair those faulty locks before

they outsmart you and cause trouble.

More About Advanced Lock & Security:

A Mortise lock is a lock that is placed ​ into a pocket

(mortise) in the door, giving it additional strength and security ​ compared to other types

of locks. Mortise locks hold a distinct place in the ​ security industry. Mortise locks are

widely used in commercial spaces because ​ of their strength and reliability  the design

of the Mortise lock is meant to ​ withstand use and abuse. Mortise locks lend themselves

to high security use and ​ are ideal for business and buildings that have heavy traffic.

Door Locks & Security 

Grade 1 – Heavy Duty Commercial

The strongest and most secure locks in the industry, Grade 1 hardware is designed for commercial security applications and is ideal for high traffic (and potentially high abuse) environments including schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings and venues. Grade 1 hardware is recommended for exterior doors and entry points, as well as high-security and high-usage areas – restrooms, cash rooms, etc.

Grade 2 – Standard Duty Commercial

Grade 2 locks are recommended for commercial applications with standard traffic flow (less than 100 cycles a day), where forced entry is less of a risk. Many commercial office buildings use Grade 2 hardware for interior offices, exam rooms, and storage closets.

Grade 3 - Light Duty Commercial / Residential

While not the most highly rated, these locks still meet ANSI/BHMA’s stringent criteria and are generally sufficient for low-security, low-traffic interior applications.

Security hardware undergoes rigorous testing of product, durability, safety & security, and aesthetics, as well as compliance with applicable building codes, accessibility requirements, and sustainability guidelines. Some of these standards are equivalent across the grades, establishing a minimum level of expected functionality, whereas other tests are used to determine the best products for a specific application.

Locks & Safety

"Always have a backup, and be secured" 

With a keypad lock, all your child needs to have is their personal security code, and they can enter it into the keypad to unlock the front door. Once they're inside, the keypad lock will automatically lock behind them, ensuring that they're safe and sound.

Keyless Entry:

There are many security locks but there are also keyless locks that always lock when the door closes. 

The advantage here is that your always secured: when the door is closed, it’s locks.

You’ll never have guess whether you locked the door or not, Even with kids running in and out or being outside doing yard work, you can feel more secure knowing that the door is always locked when it’s shut.

You’ll never have to backtrack and run to lock your door.  Feel free to have a neighbor’s come stop by without having to run in and lock up. When you’re leaving on vacation, know that – yes, you did lock the door. 

If you realize, half way there, that you forgot to turn the stove off, just call a friend and give them the code to get in and turn it off.

Keyless locks offer great convenience without any sacrifice in security and there’s always a key backup to work the locks in case anything goes wrong.

Why Keyless Locks:

  • No lost key worries

  • Easy to distribute and cancel access

  • Increased convenience with no loss in security

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