Are Smart Door Locks a Better Option than House Keys?

Do you often misplace or lost your keys? If yes, then here’s good news for you. It’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to your old house keys and install the smart door locks. It’s considered the best door lock solution in Denver among homeowners. Smart door locks not only keep away the burglars from your premises but eliminate the hassle of carrying house keys everywhere.

Contrarily, a concern can peep into your head of hacking the door lock over by connecting any smart device. In this case, you need to choose a company having quality safety measures for door lock installations carefully.

If it’s still not convincing for you to choose smart door locks over house keys, find out the most compelling reasons in today’s post. Have a look!

Why smart door locks are a better option over house keys?

Here are the most convincing reasons to consider installing smart door locks instead of using keys that you can’t deny. Such as:


Smart door locks offer convenience and better control to home security. For example, you often find your children leaving the keys on the door or losing outside while playing. Or, you can forget to lock your front door while running out in a hurry.

But, with smart door locks, there will be no such risks. It will send you an alert notification on your mobile device. Hence, you can close the door behind with a remote. Also, you can control your home security using Wi-Fi as well from anywhere.

On the other hand, when your hands are full of luggage or groceries, you can unlock the door by punching the code on your smartphone keypad. Besides, some smart locks include voice access and smart lights to turn on while opening the door.

No chance to get locked out of your home:

At least once a lifetime, you may have got locked out of your home. For instance, you may step out outside to water your plants or clean the front yard. And, the door gets closed behind you.

It’s obvious that you are not carrying the house keys with you always. Hence, you have to wait for hours until you call an emergency locksmith to fix the door locks in Denver.

However, with smart door locks, there is no chance of leaving the keys in the room and getting trapped outside. All you need to do is to enter the code on the backlit keypad to unlock it again.

Well, if you are concerned about the dead batteries, don’t worry! It will send you a notification of low battery on your smartphone a few hours before it dies. So, you will get enough time to charge it.

Spare keys come with security risk:

Yes, you have heard the right! According to estimates, over 40% of burglaries in 2020 in Denver cause unlawful entries. It means the intruders didn’t break the doors to invade the premises about used spare keys. It reduces control over home security. You never know who has entered your home in your absence.

Even if you hide it for an emergency under the doormat of your front door, the burglars will find out. They know the most common hiding places of door keys. Moreover, dishonest locksmiths who you are giving your keys to make a spare one can make a copy of it before returning yours.

With smart door locks, you can set a unique password that only you and your family members can punch while unlocking it. You can delete or change the codes whenever you need. Furthermore, you can install doorbell cameras with smart door locks that help you confirm who is outside.

Who’s stepping into your home:

Smart locks can help you know who’s entering your home. You can track the people while unlocking the front door. It will send you a mobile alert whenever someone is using the code to open the front door. Hence, you can stay updated about who’s coming to your home in your absence.

Best locksmiths for smart door lock repair in Denver

Are you looking for door lock solutions in Denver? Ty’s 303Locksmith comes with the best door lock services at your convenience. From manual to smart door lock installations as well as repair, we can help you with everything. Contact us for more details.

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