A Mortise lock is a lock that is placed into a pocket (mortise) in the door, giving it additional strength and security compared to other types of locksMortise locks hold a distinct place in the security industry. Mortise locks are widely used in commercial spaces because of their strength and reliability  the design of the Mortise lock is meant to withstand use and abuse. Mortise locks lend themselves  to high security use and are ideal for business and buildings that have very heavy foot traffic. 

Mortise Lock Mechanizim
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For the longest period of time, locksmiths were talented metalworkers who had the knowledge of shaping metal, creating by hand dozens of individual pieces of the lock, forging keys and do much of the fire-work. History of Locksmithing started in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, approximately 4000 years ago. 

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With a keypad lock, all your child needs to have is their personal security code, and they can enter it into the keypad to unlock the front door. Once they're inside, the keypad lock will automatically lock behind them, ensuring that they're safe and sound.

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